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Medical Gas System Repairs and Third Party Verification

Outlet Repair:
The common source of small leaks in medical gas systems are the outlets. Compass Cryogenics will be happy to quote you a timely and cost effective estimate to repair these deficiencies.

Piping System Repairs and Additions:
Compass Cryogenics maintains an exclusive relationship with a number of companies that can provide piping systems installation and repairs. We can handle all of the details for a worry-free repair.

Temporary Gas Supply:
Compass Cryogenics can provide for temporary gas supply equipment to supply gas to a portion of a system that has been cut off from the primary source during a repair or system extension. This equipment can range from a simple gas manifold to a portable bulk gas supply with reserve. The systems are available in the event of an emergency need as well.

Third Party Verification Services:
Compass Cryogenics also provided third party verification services for work conducted by hospital personnel or other contractor.

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