Methyl Methacrylate Vapor Monitor (M-10)


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Compass Cryogenics Vapor Monitor can be worn as a badge near the breathing zone to measure personal exposure, or placed in a room to measure area concentration.

Occupational safety standards are based on personal exposure monitoring of each employee who may be exposed to the vapor as a regular part of their job. Periodic monitoring of personnel and room concentrations is recommended

Exposure Limits ACGIH OSHA NIOSH
TWA (ppm) 50 100 100
STEL/CEIL (ppm) 100 N/A N/A

Sampling Medium: Activated Carbon Molecular Sieve Adsorbent
Method of Analysis: Gas Chromatography
Reference Method: OSHA Method 94
Recommended Sampling Time: 15 minutes to 8 hours
Minimum Level of Quantitation: 0.1 ppm for 8 hours
3 ppm for 15 minutes
Interferences: Chemicals often present in health care facilities will not interfere. These include ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, anesthetics, toluene and xylene. Other chemicals that are potential interferences can be tested when the laboratory is informed.
Effect of Temperature: Less than 10% for each 10 °C variation from 24 °C
Effect of Humidity: No effects detected at 30% RH to 92% RH.
Overall System Accuracy: Better than +/- 15% at 100 ppm for 8 hours with 95% confidence limits.
Storage Conditions: Maximum shelf life one year.
Recommended Holding Time: Two weeks prior to analysis.


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